An Invitational Show
"Girl Printers: Talented Women Strut Their Stuff!"
An Invitational Show Featuring Printing, Books and Ephemera
Made by Hand/ Made by Machine/ Made with Humor and Passion/
Showcasing 37 Girl Printers!

Curated by Carol J. Blinn, with assistance from Meg Sanders
(Mandeville Gallery at Union College, Schenectady, New York: 28 August - 7
December 2003; moved toNielson Library at Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts:14 January - 28 March 2004

Invited to curate a show at Union College in the spring of 2003, Carol set about gathering the work of 37 American women printers. In the course of contact with the women, Carol asked each one to Þll out a challenging questionnaire. Their responses to the questions & their work were the dual focus of the show. Each printer told a different story about her life and work, but upon reading their words and seeing their work, one sensed a rich community of like-minded women. Each woman was at a unique stage in her work; each woman wanted her voice and words and art to be seen by a wider audience; and ultimately, each woman printer made (and makes) a difference in her world.

24 pages; 8 inches square; 17 images from the show are featured; a short essay by Carol; names and addresses of all printers are included

$8.00 paper