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Arno Werner/One Man's Work

Text by Arno Werner. Introduced & Edited by Carol J. Blinn. 1982.

Arno Werner/One Man¹s Work presents for the first time in print Arno"s thoughts on hand bookbinding and his life in the craft. Over the last sixty years Arno Werner's perseverance in maintaining the highest standards in executing hand bindings has earned him a place among this century¹s foremost binders. A modest man, he quietly spent years working 12-hour days, doing good work, and training fine young people to carry on the craft. His emotional and financial support of former apprentices is legendary. This book celebrates Arno'¹s life and work. It also reproduces for the first time twelve of his bindings in full color. The text is from a speech given by Arno at Harvard University before friends and colleagues on the occasion of Arno's first one-man show at The Houghton Library in February 1981.

5 by 7 3/4 inches high; 40 pages; letterpress printed with plates printed by offset; the type is Sans Serif Light 329 and the paper is Barcham Green¹s handmade Hayle; a portrait of Arno and the colophon duck were drawn and hand colored by Carol; color plates of twelve bindings were tipped in; hand sewn and bound with quarter leather and paste paper over boards.

First edition of 200 copies; signed by Arno and Carol

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