Title Page

Duck Poultry Poetry (Or, Once Upon a Time/Book Eight)

Written by Frieda Fitzenmeyer. Illustrated & Proofread by Carol J. Blinn. 2003.

It was bound to happen. Frieda now fancies herself as a poet and has written what can only be described as refined but amorous duck verse. A reader with some imagination might presume her poems to be metaphors for the human experience. Carol has outdone herself with ten playful line drawings, one for each poem, which she delicately hand watercolored. The text paper was chosen not only for its good watercoloring qualities but for the color name, Bockingford Eggshell, an English mouldmade sheet. This exquiste book’s unusual title comes from the fact that Frieda misunderstood people when they spoke of poetry. She thought they were saying “poultry.”

5 by 7 1/2 inches; 19 pages; letterpress printed; the type is Monotype Gill Sans set by Michael Bixler and the line illustrations are printed from photopolymer plates made by Harold Kyle at Boxcar Press(Carol’s first use of plates in a book!); the handmade Fabriano paper wrapper is hand colored with a nifty egg image on the front cover; the sewn non-adhesive binding is made with goat vellum tapes laced through the covers.

First edition of 45 copies; signed by Carol and Frieda.

$ 245.00