24 nest cover

24 Nests

Velma Bolyard

With an original paper sample made by the papermaker.

A long time friend of Warwick Press, papermaker, book artist, and writer Velma Bolyard wrote this little piece to document her adventure in making paper out of birds' nests. The title comes from the collecting of twenty-four nests to make up a small batch of paper, with each booklet containing a sample swatch. Velma succinctly describes her dismantling the nests and beating the pulp to come up with a slurry that could be formed into paper. Her working journal page notes are reproduced as well.

13 pages; 4 1/4 by 5 1/2 inches high.

Seventy-five copies of 24 Nests were designed, illustrated, letterpress printed and sewn into paper wrappers by Carol. The title page illustration is a drawing of a nest which is perches on the hutch in Carol's kitchen. The typeface is Myriad Pro, with photopolymer plates made by Boxcar Press. The text paper is Japanese Fusuma Gray, and the cover is Thai Reversible, Chiri/Green. The journal page was digitally printed and tipped in.

60 copies, signed by Velma and Carol, are for sale.
$50.00 each


joural page

24 nest inside cover
inside journal page
inside cover page