Lectures & Workshops

Decorating Paper with Colored Paste
(Or, Adult Finger Painting)

A workshop designed for those interested in loosening up their creative energies. Making decorated paste paper unleashes one's need to play and get messy with paint. Using this paste reminds us of our days in kindergarten when we did sheet after sheet of finger painting. This workshop will appeal to both the professional book artist and those who wish to learn a satisfying and beautiful craft to add to their repertoire. We will produce many sheets so that by the end of the workshop you will have samples of a dozen different patterns and methods for producing marvelous papers.

I have been making and using decorated paste papers in my own book making work for well over thirty years and I enjoy teaching others how to make marvelous sheets for their own use.

April 9, 10th (Sat. and Sun.)

Contact for fee and further information:

Wells College Book Arts Center
Wells College
Aurora, New York 13026

or view their web site:

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